Kentucky Law Schools

Full and part-time Degree ProgramsLaw schools in Kentucky offer a three-year program for students in full-time and evening courses for part-time students. Students attending evening classes usually take six years to complete the degree requirements. In addition to traditional classroom learning, students participate in a myriad of programs to develop an understanding of the law in action. Students from law schools in Kentucky can earn law degrees in a variety of disciplines, including corporate, criminal, civil and family law.The Salmon P. Chase College of Law is located in northern Kentucky.

This Geology program offers a certificate of advocacy and transactional law programs. The Faculty of Law offers a doctorate in law (JD) degree and a joint JD and MBA degree in social work. Courses that include a law degree include civil procedure, the basic legal skills, family law, company law, criminal law, administrative law, limited liability companies, will and trusts, tax law, liability professional liability, property law, evidence and legal analysis. University of Kentucky School of Law in Lexington is located near the center of the metropolitan area, and has a workforce of approximately 450 per academic year. Law students must complete six semesters of full-time enrollment before they graduate. Ten hours of credits is considered full-time enrollment. Part time, registration must be approved by the administration. Law students must also have permission to take over 16 hours of credit. The courses, which include JD psychology degree programs, understand the business association, evidence, criminal procedure, secured transactions, trusts and estates, taxation, professional liability, administrative law, estate planning and advance. Students will be taught both as "Socratic" and methods of case study….

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