Group Social Work Benefits

One of the advantage is the use of certain methods that can not be applied easily in an individual setting.For example, it is much easier to exercise assertiveness in a group, perform interactive situations between members of the group be arranged.In an individual setting, assertiveness training remains a mostly a theoretical approach.It can be practiced between the practitioner and the client, but since the dynamics of this relationship differs from the client-client relationship in a group, the effectiveness of this method in an individual setting would be questionable.While the social worker's role as a leader in the two settings differ in the way of the interactive dynamics between the group and individual work.

The low practitioner-to-client ratio of a group setting can be a disadvantage, but because the social worker's attention is naturally distributed among all members of the group were held completely one just like it happens in a person's attitude.If the therapist is not able to relate to all customers in the operation of the Group, can be a group setting at the expense of some customers who feel neglected and resentful.Nor is it practical for customers who are particularly anxious, for example because of the high social anxiety.They are less likely to participate equally in group exercises and activities, and by trying to give these customers more attention, the therapist may neglect the other members of the group.Here is an individual setting has an advantage over the group setting.

The doctor is a different kind of leader, depending on the setting.In a one-on-one setting, the school social worker is more of a teacher to explain approaches that distribution assignments and testing on the client's progress regularly.While there are times when the doctor is called to explain certain things or the discussion when gets in their opinion, it is off track are direct, can the social worker facilitating the group session usually members of the group take turns the focus of attention.This does not mean, however, that the job of a group leader easier than that of a social worker in a single setting.In fact, it is probably tougher than the therapist to learn the specifics of the personality of a larger number of people and coordinate their interactions.

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