What Do Law Schools Look for in Applicants

As an undergraduate student who will likely apply to law school, I often wondered exactly what law schools look at when they look at applications from undergraduate students applying to their school . The question is very common among my peers who also asked to law school. I decided to ask my friend who had just been accepted to the University of North Carolina Law School, one of the top law schools in the country breakdown of an undergraduate application. He had in fact been interviewed by the admissions people at UNC law who said the actual distribution and the formula they look at when deciding whether or not to accept a student. The breakdown was as follows: 1 / 3 last POINT_1 / 3 GPA1 / 3 elseI all that this distribution is intriguing because, for much of my college career I had often heard my extracurricular activities as my job and group work students did not mean much.

Now, the breakdown I have just given can be viewed in three ways. Either you show the percent 1 / 3 of the breakdown of "other" too little, too fair or justified. I personally think is a fair justification. Let's take a closer look at each part of the breakdown and dissect each part. 1 / 3 final score: Service Law School Admission Test is considered very important and I think it is just given a percentile of your overall body of work. The test of the law school is as important as SAT scores that students need to enter a good college. Why graduate school be any different? The Admissions Test Law School is very difficult and demanding and students must spend months studying for this exam. Most students usually take the Kaplan or Princeton Review course or hire a private tutor to help with the TEM study in an important review….

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