Information About Online Law Schools

There is some important information that all individuals wishing to play their law degree online should consider carefully. Currently, there are no law schools approved by the ABA that offer a JD degree completely via correspondence study. In fact, the general policy of the ABA under Standard 304 (f) states that "a law school shall not grant credit for study by correspondence." However, there are exceptions to the rule . In addition, you must be aware that obtaining a complete education through correspondence study in May drastically limit your ability to come to the bar in many states (http: //www. abanet. org / legaled / distanceeducation / distance.html) Abraham Lincoln University ( is distance learning law school online.

Conditions for entry into law school are at least two years of college or 60 credit hours and completion of College Level Examination Program in English plus any two of the following: Humanities College mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences and history. Training costs $ 6,500, with funding available. Four years full bar law schools and non-bar programs. The only review of state bar is eligible California and the federal government. All classes are online, however, classroom support line is offered several times a week in downtown Los Angeles. In addition, rooms live chat for questions between students and teachers….

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